Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing & R&D Summit 2018

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    The summit's program topics have been pinpointed and validated by the Aerospace and Defense community as the top critical issues they face.

    Key Topic Areas for 2017 included:

    • The Advancement of Manufacturing Technology - key trends in production technologies
    • The development and adoption of robotic technology - how new robot trends are changing manufacturing
    • Counterfeit Prevention and Mitigation - crafting effective policies, practices and standards to avoid the bite of the counterfeit bug
    • Raising the Performance of Supply Chains - strengthening relationships between all levels of the supply chain to achieve consistent quality
    • Leveraging the Capabilities of Additive Manufacturing - to enhance the freedom in design and cost-efficiency
    • Managing Cyber Security - looking at the changing dynamics of cyber threats and how to effectively thwart potential threats
    • Strategy and Growth - embracing continued investment in engineering and research and development as a path to new markets and innovation
    • Identifying the Next Generation of Big Thinkers - Implementing talent acquisition and workforce development strategies to achieve long-term dividends
    • Accelerating R&D - Keeping a technological edge with investments in defense and space-related research and development programs

    Keynote Presentations

    Keynote presentations offer a motivational and entertaining perspective on fundamental issues challenging management. The achievements of our Keynotes and their pioneering endeavors directly influence your job today. Delivering thought provoking and frank accounts of their experiences, our Keynote presenters give you the drive to develop forward-thinking ideas and strategies for your organization.

    Panel Discussions

    In addition to the traditional session format, panel discussions have been organized to give you multiple perspectives on a topic. The panel is composed of industry practitioners ready to share their ideas and debate strategic issues. As an attendee, you are encouraged to put forward your ideas, opinions and opposing arguments, creating a truly interactive Summit.


    Think Tanks

    Join a select group of industry peers setting the tone, pace and goals of your chosen topic in a professionally facilitated environment. Participant numbers are strictly limited, ensuring all have the opportunity to share their problems and solutions to commonly shared professional challenges. Topics for discussion are selected from industry feedback received during the development of the Summit Program.


    Speaker Videos